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CNC machining and fabrication subcontracting in Ukraine

CNC milling on 3, 4 and 5 axis machines

Turning and turn-milling on high precision CNC machines

Undertaking CNC prototyping as well as batch production runs

Die and mold making on CNC equipment

Quality check on CNC measuring machines

BS EN 9100 Rev C & ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 standards

CNC Milling

Milling and boring operations on every type of material including high alloyed steels, titanium, inconel etc. using top-quality CNC machines and providing tight tolerances and necessary surface finish. Producing casted and forged parts with the further machining

CNC Turning

Turning and mill-turning operations on CNC lathes, producing lead screws, shafts, fittings, nozzles, couplings, custom bolts and nuts etc., needed for industrial engineering, oil-gas and aerospace industries, as well as hydraulic and air systems

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of high-alloyed steels and aluminum for up to 20mm (3/4 inches) thick, preserving high-quality and smooth edges, using top-branded CO2 and fiber laser CNC machines, complementing with CNC press brakes for high-precision bending operations.

Die and mould making

Producing die and mould tools for various processes including stamping, plastic injection moulding, die and investement casting, lost-wax and lost-foam castings etc., as well as simple and non-complicated tools such as manual operation and chill moulds.


    PROMTEHNOCENTER, llc - is a leading provider for CNC machined parts and fabrication services, such as milling, turning, laser cutting and bending on CNC machines, as well as die and mould toolmaking for metal and plastic parts production.

    Engineering and manufacturing capabilitites enable us to turn any idea of our Customers into a fully working prototypes with the further initialization of batch production runs by processing or machining almost every type of material from plastics and aluminums to heat-resistant stainless steel alloys, pre-hardened toolsteels, high grade titanium alloys and many other.

    Main facilities of our company are supplied with the modern and tight-toleranced German and Japanese equipment affording us to maintain the following operations, according to Customers drawings or 3D models:

      • Milling and boring on vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines
      • Turning and turn-milling on CNC lathes
      • Surface and cylindrical grinding 
    • Die and mould toolmaking 
    • Laser cutting on CO2 and fiber laser equipped CNC machines
    • High-precision bending on Trumpf TruBend machines
    • Electroplating for most common metal finishes such as: zinc, cadmium, chrome and various types of anodizing


    One of the advantages which distinguish us on the global market is the individual approach to each case thus maintaining low entry-fees and volume discounts which qualifies every type of Customer whether you a world leading supplier with the monthly demands of 10 000+ parts or an enterpreneur engineer who needs a prototyping services for a new product and further tests.