Parts production on CNC lathe: high batches, high quality and very fast

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Parts production on CNC lathe: high batches, high quality and very fast

Automatic lathe with CNC: number one in the machine park
Manufacturing parts on a CNC automatic lathe is a way to get the product the desired parameters in the minimum time. Specifications of modern installations allow to carry out different operations and work with blanks of all types without wasting time on re-equipment. The advantages of such machines operation are as follows:

the possibility of high-volume production of products in a minimum amount of time;

-work with steels with any physical and chemical properties;

-conducting complex actions (boring, facing, grooving, chamfering, countersinking and many others);

-production of products that require high accuracy of execution.

Automatic lathe with CNC allows to process a part by different schemes. It is continuous and rotary, serial and parallel, combined processing.

Modifications and purpose of automatic turning systems:

Automatic lathes are available in various modifications. This determines their capabilities and the following ways of machining the workpiece.

1.The automatic cut-off machines are needed for through-hole drilling, external thread cutting. They are used for machining shaped workpieces.

2.2 Manufacturing of parts on CNC turret lathes is performed by longitudinal and transverse feed. They can also be threaded and drill holes.

3.The automatic shaped-turning machines process the workpiece with cutters. They move transversely and the processing rod longitudinally.

4.Multispindle lathes can be horizontal (workpiece is fixed stationary) and vertical. Such equipment is equipped with 4-6 or 5-8 spindles.

The use of CNC machines allows easy transition to work on parts of other geometry. All you need to do is make corrections to the control memory. Production of a part on a CNC lathe does not require manual pre-processing of the workpiece – running and marking. All this contributes to increased productivity, efficient use of time and resources. This is of paramount importance to customers, as steel parts are used in every production and equipment.

Machine park of “PromTechnoCenter” company contains high-speed and precise machines equipped with special cutting tools and strong cooling system. This guarantees production of large volumes of steel products with stable quality.