Mould making: quality factors, variety of modifications

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Mould making: quality factors, variety of modifications

Plastic injection mold manufacturing: process technology

Mould making is the production of devices of different modifications for plastic objects casting. The main equipment are CNC complexes, electroerosion units. The process of their production consists of several stages, starting with the creation of a sketch and ending with the testing of the product. As a basis, suitable steel grades, zinc-aluminum-copper alloys are used.

To get a quality mold you need to use steel of suitable grades, components, pushers and hot channels. Manufacture of plastic injection mold provides the production of products such as plastic tableware, stationery and toys, fittings and metalware, goods for medical facilities.

Criteria for the quality of the production process
Steel processing on modern equipment, compliance with mold manufacturing technology is the secret of how plastic products can acquire such complex silhouettes, configurations. What factors of production ensure high results in work?

1. It is necessary to observe all the stages of mold production for casting. These are preparatory work, direct production, finishing and mandatory testing of the finished product.
2. Position in relation to the arms of the punch and the die determines the accuracy of the process. They must be reliably installed, otherwise defects in the mold may occur.
3. 3. The right choice of steel is also important. The material must be resistant to constant temperature drops, to high injection pressure.
4. At the design stage, it is important to use reliable computer programs to create the model.
At the end of all the plastic mould manufacturing processes, we get high quality products. There are several types of products.

1. Removable, stationary, semi stationary (by type of operation).
2. With one or more sockets (according to the number of products that can be produced simultaneously).
3. With one or two connectors, flat or horizontal (according to the number and direction of connectors planes). 3.
4. Straight and casting moulds (by design).
5. Modifications with or without individual loading chamber.

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