CNC milling and metal processing: most productive method

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CNC milling and metal processing: most productive method

CNC milling: important parts of the technology.
The popularity of steel machining on milling machines is enviable. There is a simple explanation for this: milling allows the use of different machining methods and to obtain a part without defects and imperfections. Professional multifunctional machines are important equipment in the machine park of many enterprises.

Milling can be horizontal, vertical, inclined at a certain angle – it all depends on the method of attachment of the milling cutter, cutting tools, which rotates in the direction of the machine feed and removes from metal layer by layer.

Types of milling operations: specifics of operations
There is a classification of metal milling processing not only by the method of fixing the mill, but also in its direction, as well as by the movement of the workpiece.

1.By-product milling easily removes chips without premature tool wear. There is no need to install clamping mechanisms on the machine and the roughness level meets the requirements.

2.Counterfeed milling is performed for roughing and is suitable even for the hardest alloys. When chips are removed, the metal is deformed and its surface is hardened.

3. End milling is used to make notches, grooves, windows or slots.

4.Metal end machining on the milling machine is necessary to work with dimensional blanks.

5.Profile parts are milled by the shaped method.

One of the main factors in obtaining a properly machined surface is the use of a quality milling cutter. The tool is selected according to the type of metal, milling method, purpose of the future part. For example, the end milling cutter is needed for high-speed feed. A disk tool is needed for chamfering, metal sampling, blank cutting or slotting.

In order for the metal milling service to be of high quality and to be an occasion for positive feedback, it is equally important to perform all operations on high-end equipment. Japanese CNC machines Mazak and Mori Seiki ensure that the finished part meets the official standards and accurately translate customer drawings into reality.

The result of professional milling is a part with high fatigue strength, surface finish quality. The part microgeometry includes a minimum of minor scallops, hollows and other roughness. Exactly such products are made in “PromTechnoCenter” company.