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cnc milling

CNC milling is one of main types of machining processes which is based on the removal of the excess material from a workpiece and giving it the final form using the special rotating blade tools called milling cutters.

Milling process envolves machining and production of parts of various shapes which in most cases do not have axis of symmetry as opposed to turning process and may include such elements as grooves, pockets, flats, holes, slots etc.

cnc milling

The basic milling operations include the following:

  • Surface and shoulder milling with endmills and facemills
  • Hole drilling and reaming for high accuracy holes
  • Milling of curved and spatially complex shapes, such as molds and dies, by spherical cutters, the so-called 3D processing or 3d machining
  • Engraving
  • Milling of common slots and special slots such as T-slot, dovetails etc.
  • Milling of threads (threadmilling)
  • Milling of splines and keyways on shafts and axles


Our company provides services for the manufacture of parts and assemblies utilizing CNC milling on modern and reliable equipment with computer numerical control (CNC), using a high-quality tooling from the world's leading brands. Production capabilities of our company allow processing stainless and tool steels, aluminums, coppers, bronze, brass, other metals and alloys, including heat-treated and hardly machinable alloys. Our clients are industrial engineering companies and private individuals who need a professional contractor for either large-scale production of parts or for the production of precision manufacturing tools.

CNC milling of gear

The main products that are produced on CNC milling machines:

  • Gears and gearbox parts for automotive, shipbuilding and aircraft industries
  • Firearms components such as trigger mechanisms, barrels, stocks, silencers, muzzle brakes etc
  • Augers and extruder shafts
  • Die and molds for toolmaking
  • High-strength brackets and parts for aerospace industry
  • Custom machined parts for bikes and offroad vehicles
  • Turbine blades and turbocharger rings
  • and much more...

cnc milling

Our company is also capable of machining of forged, casted and welded parts which includes:

  • Milling and boring of elements with the surface roughness up to N7 grade (Ra0,8)
  • Accurate drilling and reaming of the arrays of holes for precise mating
  • Boring of holes maintaining the 6th accuracy class and positioning by 0,003mm
  • Dimension measurement utilizing Mitutoyo equipment


It should be noted that all the CNC milling jobs are carried out taking into account the high-productive cutting conditions set by the manufacturer of the cutting tool, using high-performance strategies that reflect in reducing the machining time, and as a result, saving the customer's funds.

For staying competetive on the global market, our company utilizes the world-proven brands for CNC machines such as Mazak, Mori Seiki and Haas. In addition to high rigidity and precise mechanics, the above mentioned machines have an effective program control that reflects in high speed program runs and tool and workpiece quick binding loops.

Also, in order to maximize the potential of the equipment and to guarantee the customer an impeccable quality of parts, we use the appropriate tooling and cutting tools of worlds best manufacturers such as Gerardi, Kurt, Nikken, Iscar, Sandvik, Kennametal and Mitutoyo.