Laser cutting

Laser cutting of metal is used quite widely in different directions. For example, in the manufacture of stainless steel products and non-ferrous metal. In addition, there is no need to process the products mechanically. It is also possible to make markings and prepare sheets for bending, stamping or welding.

What is the essence of laser cutting

There are three cutting options, using:.

  • oxygen,
  • argon nitrogen gas;
  • compressed air.

The choice of gas depends on the main characteristics of the product material. Important note:

  • thickness of the product or workpiece;.
  • types;.
  • whether the product needs to be processed in the future.

Laser cutting can work with various materials, including steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. For example, if oxygen is used, the beam temperature is high. Argon can cut such strong metals as zirconium or titanium.

You can work with different thicknesses of metal with the laser unit. The essence of its work is that when the beam is exposed, the material melts or evaporates.

What kinds of machines are there?

Three types of sheet metal cutting machines:

1. solid-state equipment. Excellent option for cutting non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass.

2. Fiber optic machines. Much better metal processing process.
3. Gas units. It is possible to cut even very strong alloys with the help of such aggregates.

Mode of operation, both pulse and constant. Modern machines are automated and have a control panel. Since the equipment is very powerful, only qualified workers can work with it. The safety procedure must be carried out at all stages. If necessary, it is possible to supplement the apparatus with another gas.

The laser cutting advantages are as follows:.
  • no mechanical effect on the workpiece. Therefore it is also possible to process small parts that cannot be processed in a classic way;.
  • can work with different materials
  • Excess metal is not formed during processing. Even if this happens, everything superfluous can be easily cleaned up.
  • work with any contours. No post-production processing required;.
  • operated automated, no human factor influences
  • no need to buy additional equipment for finer work;
  • universal equipment for all kinds of products
  • availability of high-quality engraving;.
  • can drill a hole if necessary.

In order to prolong the life of the device as much as possible, it is necessary to constantly perform thorough checks. If a violation is found, the error should be corrected immediately. This is necessary to prevent expensive hardware from breaking, which cannot be corrected.