CNC grinding equipment includes internal grinding, cylindrical grinding, universal grinding, flat and profile grinding, specialized machines and machining centers.

CNC cylindrical grinding equipment

This type of machine is used for machining parts that are the body of rotation. Planar grinders are used for grinding flat surfaces.

The universal grinding wheels

are used for both external and internal surfaces. The equipment can work with cylindrical, conical and spherical workpieces. End face grinding is also possible. Thanks to the software, even complex surfaces and even threads can be machined.
The motion of the machine’s actuators is highly precise thanks to linear drives or ball screws. At the same time, the program is responsible for correcting the abrasive wheels according to their wear.

The modern CNC grinding equipment is characterized by the presence of special devices for balancing grinding wheels in automatic mode. The abrasive wheel changing devices can also be used as an additional equipment. .

CNC internal grinding equipment

This machines are used to process internal surfaces of any shape: cylindrical spherical or conical. Such equipment can be equipped with additional devices, which increase productivity. Grinding can be performed with one abrasive wheel or several wheels. At that all grinding wheels will be installed on one mandrel.

This equipment is characterized by high accuracy of actuators movement, which is provided by linear drive or ball screw pair. Program-controlled dividing heads are also included. In addition, grinding calipers, which are necessary in case of internal workpiece contour processing, can be used as additional equipment. On machines equipped with dividing heads, it is possible to grind:

  • splines of any shape;
  • teeth;
  • edges;
  • gear sectors and so on.

With the equipment equipped with rotary table, it is possible to carry out the works on grinding the teeth of internal gear wheels, grooves on the end faces of end teeth and so on.
Specialized equipment
– It is used for the treatment of the shaped surfaces. It is also used for processing of cutting tools, threads, teeth and so on.

Cylindrical grinding
Surface grinding
Cylindrical grinding
Internal grinding