Die and mold making

Our company produces and processes molds and dies on CNC machines. The range of services also includes the manufacture of dies, punches for casting and stamping parts from different materials (aluminum, plastic, etc.).


When the customer receives a product that is fully consistent with the documentation provided and the designed model, all work is carried out on high-precision and productive complexes with numerical software control. These are units from Japanese manufacturers Mori Seiki and Mazak. The process is fully automated and runs on tested computer programs.



Technical possibilities of CNC units for molds manufacturing allow customers to get complex service at our enterprise. What is the equipment specialization?

  • Making cold and hot dies with contours of any complexity and different weight.
  • Work on bending, moulding, drawing dies, blown moulds and PET products.
  • Production of non-standard parts for different industries.
  • Production of tooling for foundries.
  • Treatment and electroplating as an additional service.

Technological cycle includes CNC milling and electrical discharge treatment, drilling operations, boring, grinding and polishing. We promptly fulfill the largest orders.

Dies manufacturing on CNC equipment takes minimum time. Also good mating of parts is achieved and there is no deformation fault. We select the optimum tool and machine mode according to the die or mold design.

Profiles for moulding products are diverse and complex. High demands are placed on their accuracy and surface finish. The results of our operators’ work and the quality of our machines ensure that the results obtained meet official standards and customer expectations.

Ordering a mold production on a CNC machine is a rational and cost-effective solution. Automated plants perform complex measures, carry out the full production cycle.