Band saw machine and flame cutting

Our company provides services for blank operations, in particular cutting of blanks on band saws and flame cutting machines

Band saw cutting machines – stationary equipment, indispensable for cutting of round and rectangular tubes, sawing of rolled products from metal, bars, billets of section from carbon, low-alloy, structural steels. They are successfully used for cutting and cutting of soft alloys made of aluminum, copper, iron and steel.

Such saws are built into band saws, a powerful drive ensures maximum load and good performance. During the cutting process, it is possible to save energy and metal due to the low kerf thicknesses.

The metal that makes up the cutting surface of the teeth is high-speed steel. Qualitatively made teeth of the right shape allow to increase the cutting performance.

The main types of metal saws are:.

  • Bandsaw with teeth. It is an elongated and enclosed tool, reminiscent of an externally hacksaw blade. They are used mainly in metal and wood band saws, for cutting foam concrete, mineral wool and even meat.
  • Saws of electrospark action. They are used for cutting blanks with thickness from 15 cm and diameter up to 30-40 cm.
  • Saws of friction. The teeth are used to increase heat generation during friction, which greatly improves tool performance. These saws are up to 2.5 cm wide and 0.16 cm thick.

For each type of work they choose their band saw and machine type, but it is necessary to get acquainted with the main technical parameters:.

  • Hardness after step hardening (HRC 45-49 on the blade, and HRC 58-62 on the teeth, depending on the softness of the back of the saw);
  • the ability to cut certain steel grades. For each grade, the correct cutting speed and feed should be selected;.
  • productive load (choice of manual machine, automatic or semi-automatic);
  • productive load

  • specific performance. For HSS saws 60-70 cc/min;.
  • the possibility of cutting at a certain angle. For this function, you need to have the saw unit rotated on the machine;.
  • Material alloy steel, molybdenum steel, carbon steel;
  • Saw material

  • billet material – saws for cutting aluminium and magnesium alloys, cast iron billets, alloyed steels;
  • Spain the ribbon. It must be the same strength as the web of the ribbon;
  • .

  • the way to cut the teeth (preferably with an insect rather than an abrasive wheel).

Flame cutting is a process in which a mixture of oxygen and combustible gas forms a flame, heating the metal to a melting point, thereby cutting it.

The metal is guided by a powerful jet of oxygen that causes a chemical reaction between oxygen and metal to form an iron oxide, also known as slag. A powerful jet of oxygen removes the slag from the kerf.

When using oxygen torches, cutting quality, preheating time and metal thickness may depend on the type of fuel gas used. In combination with oxygen, the four main types of combustible gases most commonly used for this process are acetylene, propane, propylene and natural gas.

Simultaneous cutting of 2 round bars using band saw cutting machine
Cutting of round bar on band saw cutting machine
Example of part after flame cut
Flame cutting