CNC Bending

Thanks to the introduction of sheet metal bending in modern production processes, the manufacture of metal products has become much easier.

Bending of metal is giving a billet a curved or curved shape by deformation. This operation compresses the inner layers at the moment of bending, thereby reducing them and stretching the outer layers. The layers along the bending axis remain unchanged. Flexibility can be performed either manually or mechanically depending on the desired degree of curvature. Mechanical means the use of variety bending and leaf bending machines.

Bending of metal has replaced welding: thanks to this method, products can be of any shape and size without a single welding seam; and, as we know, welds are the most vulnerable point in any metal structure.

Speaking of modern bending methods, it is worth noting the rolling. This method is the deformation of sheet metal to obtain a large radius of bending. The metal is uniformly deformed at a certain angle, so that the sheet takes the form of a uniform cylinder, cone or spiral.

Bending of sheet metal on CNC machines allows to reduce considerably the probability of defects, because the sheet is securely fixed by special mechanisms, and all sizes are exposed before the beginning of work. This technology provides high accuracy, as well as the manufacture of complex bent parts. The advantages of bending on CNC machines include:


  • Promptness and high quality of product,
  • Decrease in manufacturing cost,
  • Improve the appearance of the product,
  • The bending site has no weld defects.3

The process of sheet metal bending takes place in several stages. First, the sheet material is laid on special equipment for cutting. Then by means of a sheet-forming press billet is given the necessary size and shape. In manual mode, the correctness of all bending operations is checked. After completing bending, check compliance with the drawings. If irregularities are detected, the settings are corrected.

Bending of part being preciously cut on CNC laser machine
Precision bending of CNC press
CNC precision bending