CNC Machining and fabrication services

Complex metalworking on machines with numerical control is one of the main services carried out by our company on modern high-tech equipment, providing precision accuracy and the highest quality of the finished product.

With the help of CNC machines it is possible to process and obtain products from all kinds of materials, from engineering plastics and aluminum to hard-to-machine and high-alloy alloys for both tooling and defense and aviation industries.

The main operations performed by our company include the following:

  • Milling processing of rolled material blanks as well as those obtained by casting (casting) or stamping (forging).
  • Turning and obtaining parts such as bodies of rotation with a maximum size of 350 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in length.
  • High precision boring operations and obtaining a hole on the 6th qualification with a maximum diameter of 320 mm.
  • Laser cutting and bending on specialized complexes with CNC.
  • Electroerosion machining on the latest models of Mitsubishi machines