About company

Promtehnocenter, LLC is a manufacturing company which provides a full range of fabrication services utilizing modern and most accurate CNC machines maintaining such processes as milling, turning, electrical discharge machining, laser cutting, precision bending and others. 

Engineering and manufacturing capabilitites enable us to turn any idea of our Customers into a fully working prototypes with the further initialization of batch production runs by processing or machining almost every type of material from plastics and aluminums to heat-resistant stainless steel alloys, pre-hardened toolsteels, high grade titanium alloys and many other.

      Mechanical engineering
      Aerospace industry
      Oil and gas

      Services the company provides utilize the following equipment list:

      • Milling machining centers
      • Turn and turn-mill machining centers
      • Electrical discharge machines
      • Grinding machines
      • Laser cutting machines
      • Bending presses
      • Hobbing machines
      • Band saw cutting machines.
      All the above equipment is maintained and operated by the highly-trained professionals and the machining processes and technologies meet the latest standards which reflects in decreasing the processing time needed for fabrication thus decreasing the initial cost of the part